University of São Paulo establishes cooperation with foreign institutions through International Academic Agreements. The purpose is the development of education, research and extension activities, besides enabling the exchange of students, professors and staff.


USP Types of Agreements


International Academic Agreement

It is a covenant made with a research and education institution, in order to accomplish a common goal. 


Required documents:

Plan of Work (*) – it is the starting point to celebrate an agreement or contract and must contain the object and further information on its execution, also presenting the link with education, research and extension interests. If the subject is exchange, it is necessary to define the types of exchange, deadlines and mutual duties, such as travel expenses responses, lodging, etc. Access here the model for a Plan of Work;

Partnership Draft – It is a document that establishes the rights and obligations of the parties and further rules of the agreement (access here the models proposed by USP or send the model of the foreign institution for analysis); 

Letter of the institution’s representative stating the interest to formalize the agreement.



For reciprocity matters, the negotiation must foresee the exemption of payment of fees and enrollment taxes; 

Undergraduates and graduates are responsible for their expenses during the exchange and are allowed to use resources of special programs from USP or not, when available;

Professors and Staff will have tickets and lodging expenses played whenever there is budget available for this purpose or from external sources. 


International Academic Protocol

It is a preliminary agreement with foreigner universities or academic institutions. 

The International Academic Protocols are preparatory to the International Academic Agreement. 

Although they don’t have a rigid form, the International Academic Protocols must be signed by the legal representatives of each institution. The expiry date of the protocols must be defined previously and cannot exceed two years. 

The International Academic Protocols may originate from the Unity, the central organs or the International Office. 


Contract “USP Contracted”

It is a contract of service, in which USP compromises in providing services of the contractor’s interest, upon receipt of a fee.

 The celebration of contracts in which USP is a service provider follows the same procedures routine defined by the academic agreements. Both Academic Agreement and Contract require the Plan of Work presentation. 


(*) Guideline for the elaboration of the Work Plan:

  • Object
  • Academic interest justification: education/research/extension
  • Goals / Proposed Activities
  • Deadline
  • Responsible / Coordination (for each institution)
  • Information on the institutions – Corporate Name, Full Address, Nature (Public or Private), Trading Name and function of the responsible for the institution / signature of the agreement. 
  • Financial resources
  • Human resources evolved: Name, Function and weekly working hours. 
  • Further information specific to the agreement. 


Procedures to sign an agreement


An International Academic Partnership is made with another research or educational institution, with no direct financial implications. There must be a work plan, as accurate as possible, that will promote mutual obligations, such as responsibility for travel expenses, lodging, exchanges, deadlines, etc. Besides encompassing collaborative research, the partnership may also involve exchange of professors, researchers, graduate and undergraduate, as well as technical-scientific staff members, as long as it is specified in the contract.

USP is a public and free-of-charge institution which hosts students without charging tuition fees. Therefore, it does not provide scholarships.

For further instructions, please contact the International Office through the email


Partner institutions

The School of Physical Education and Sport maintains partnerships with the following academic institutions: