International Symposium Exercise and Cardiovascular Health



Date: August 7th 2018

Location: Auditório José Geraldo Massucato - Bloco B 

Lectures will be carried out in English  and there will be no translation.


13:45 Opening
14:00 Exercise and cardiovascular neural regulation
Katia de Angelis (Unifesp), PhD
14:30 Recovery from exercise: vulnerable state,  window of opportunity or crystal ball?
John Halliwill (University of Oregon), PhD
15:30 Interval
16:00 Acute exercise and blood pressure
Eduardo Costa (UFRN), PhD
16:30 Physical training and blood pressure
Leandro Brito (EEFE-USP)
17:00 Exercise in vascular disease
Gabriel Cucato (Albert Einstein Hospital), PhD
17:30 Exercise and heart project 
Bruno Modesto (EEFE-USP), MD
Exercise in elderly
Andréia Queiroz (UFJF-GV), PhD
18:00 Closing